About Miksapix Interactive

Miksapix Interactive is an independent production company that develops apps and games. The company is located way up north in the Arctic by the Tana River in Karasjok, Norway. With vicinity to the nature we get inspiration and ideas for the projects through the contrasting eight seasons, and the world comes to us through a thin optical cable. We maintain quality, innovation, interaction, honesty, but also passion and playfulness in what we do, very high. This is our corporate philosophy and we believe that with this we can create awesome products everyone involved can be proud of.

Would you like to work for Miksapix Interactive? We have many exciting projects, and we need motivated and talented people to develop these with us. We are always looking for skilled, committed and self-motivated people with entrepreneurial attitudes. Whether you are Unity developer with C # as your preferred lingo, or 2D / 3D illustrator and animator, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us or send your CV and portfolio
to: post [at] miksapix [dot] no


  • Mobile:
    (+47) 481 53 340
  • E-mail:
    post [at] miksapix [dot] no