In addition to providing services, we produces our own apps and games with social impact. Miksapix Interactive is currently working on the concept "Sami folktales in new forms" and Raanaa™ - The Shaman Girl.

Raanaa™ - The Shaman Girl
Is a third person adventure quality mobile game. It’s about an ordinary girl becoming a shaman and through her transformation she will meet and collaborate with different Sámi gods and fight other crazy bad spirits in order to obtain balance in the universe and to save humanity.

The game can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store. Visit this page for more information:

Miksapix Interactive produces interactive storytelling apps with Sami folk tales and legends. Folk tales and legends with educative functions, morals and life truths. Sami is an oral language and for several generations tales and legends has been retold in a lavvo tent far out on the verge. If we want today's children to listen to these old stories, we must do it on their premises. We have to tell these stories on their arena in an engaging format. With first-hand knowledge on the Sami culture, Miksapix Interactive takes a step further and conveys this heritage in a new way. Using new technology, pedagogy, good stories and passion, we create a unique universe for a national and international audience. The Sami folktale apps contain illustrations, animations, narration, games and interactivity to create the complete experience and involvement.

The apps can be purchased on Google Play and Apple App Store. Visit this page for more information:


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