We provide these services

Consulting, planning and development

We want to turn our own and our customers' ideas into good user experiences. To do this, we follow the mobile industry and technology development closely, so you do not have to. We give you honest and simple advice and we communicate it in clear terms.

Development of custom-made apps

Whatever you want to communicate and who you want to convey it to - that's what your app is doing.   Your customers want fluid, efficient and instant communication - that is why they are on the phone. We develop all kinds of apps, ranging from educational digital tools to simple games that can promote your product.

Game development

Game development, from idea to finished product, is one of our core competencies. The arrival of smart mobile devices has had a profound impact on the world of technology. More than any other industry, the gaming industry has changed dramatically due to the dominance of smartphones and tablets. We specialize in learning games and interactive entertainment for mobile platforms. We design and develop unique games and gaming experiences to suit your needs.


We deliver Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality to your next project - it could be simulation-based learning tools, journalism or games. When you work with Miksapix Interactive, we use the latest XR technology, but more importantly, we know how to create an immersive, captivating, engaging, educational and fun-filled experience. We would like to talk to you about how we can use XR in your next project. Industries that have a lot to do with XR: Tourism, property development, simulation, health and therapy, journalism, adventure exhibition, etc.


Development of Advergames is part of what we offer here at Miksapix Interactive. We specialize in developing games around your brand, service, or ideology for mobile channels. Advergame is usually a free mobile games that many big companies now use to market their products. Games that promote a brand, idea, product or community.

Intros, bumpers and profile for TV shows

We communicate your television program profile to the mass. Through close cooperation and at the customer's request, we create intros, ident / break bumpers, logos, visual effects (VFX) for your program concepts. The goal is to communicate the content of the program concept in a clear, creative and exciting way, focusing on production value.

2D / 3D visualization

With 3D visualization you can create animated sequences or still images that present your vision and concept long before the product is in production. This way of visualizing the product may be what distinguishes those who get contracts and development support from those who do not. A high quality 3D render puts you on top of your competitors. 2D and 3D visualization are also suitable for educational purposes where issues and solutions are clearly explained and described.

Info kiosk

Do you need to communicate important information in strategic places, either in the form of information screens or information kiosks? We offer the development of complete hardware and static solutions, implemented and adapted to various platforms.

Interactive multimedia experience exhibition

We develop and deliver solutions of interactive multimedia exhibitions for museums, theme parks and art installations. Using advanced sensor technology, mini computers and other technological innovations, you can create a complete interactive and exciting experience showcase.

User Interface, User Experience and HMI

Design is not just about making it look beautiful, it's also about doing things that really work. With us, we do interactive design, profile design, UX and human-machine interface design. Our goal is to design functional and aesthetic interfaces that enhance the overall user experience on different platforms.

Digital concept

What is the point of having a digital strategy if you do not have an idea of how to implement it? To get the concept right, it is about understanding the needs of the users. It is also about knowledge of optimizing production for the correct context, device type and platform. Finally, it's about keeping the creative rhythm running - from the beginning to the end product.


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