Where technology and art meet

Miksapix Interactive is a production company that specializes in developing apps and games. The company sells digital products and services in a wide range and focuses on the utilization of new technology and to create good user experiences in the borderland between art, technology and design. We believe that we can best help our customers by having a good and continuous dialogue in an iterative process. We are progressive, passionate, and through a casual, playful and creative process with the customer, we will end up with an end product that will carry a sense of quality and ease of use.

Earlier work

Raanaa Image
Children of the Northern Light
The boy who tricked Stallo
iezar intro

Clients and partners

Netflix Grow Creative ISFI Spielfabrique Digicat Siva Orinor Osloskolen Møre og Romsdal Fylkeskommune The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training Red Stage Entertainment IKTipraksis Kulturtanken NRK Statped Samisk Høgskole Scene Finnmark Norsk Filminstitutt Sametinget Innovasjon Norge Finnmark Fylkeskommune Davvi Girji Nordnorsk Filmsenter SANKS


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    (+47) 481 53 340
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